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When discussing home security industry, Frontpoint leads it with its impeccable flexibility and customer satisfaction. With professional installation along with multi-year contracts, Frontpoint provides you the ability to design your own security system from scratch. You can choose different sensors, monitoring packages and related contract terms as per your requirement. However, large upfront cost related to the equipment are its drawback, but if you can afford it, then you will be left satisfied with Frontpoint.

Frontpoint builds its security systems around you. It provides you the flexibility to make a customized security system with the required equipment that you will probably need. In case you have some queries regarding designing a system, or you need any other assistance, Frontpoint representatives are always there to help you out.

Frontpoint provides three basic packages to the customer to choose from. You can choose your own control panel, different types of sensors, contract term along with preferred monitoring package.

Other security companies often require the customer to get in touch with their representative and even provide consent for any in-home consultation way before you are offered with a quote. In the case of Frontpoint, the customer can easily purchase the system online. In case you require assistance for designing a system, you can get in contact with Frontpoint by phone, or you can also fill the quote form online, and their representative will contact you back. They will walk you through different options and recommend you a personalized equipment list to makes sure that you are confident enough regarding protection of your home.



It takes customer satisfaction quite seriously and also offers 30-day-trial on their systems. In case you aren’t happy with the system after installation, you can easily return the system within the first month, and you will get a complete refund. Other major features of Frontpoint are mentioned below:

1. Transparent pricing structure

Unlike the other security companies which don’t provide any pricing information unless you ask for a quote, Frontpoint provides the actual cost of every sensor, control panel along with monitoring package which enables you to calculate the exact amount of the system without any hidden fees.

2. Select required contract term

Most of the home security system providers require a three-year contract, but in the case of Frontpoint, it provides its customers with an option to choose a just one-year contract. This is a quite good deal if you aren’t ready to make a long commitment, but if you wish to keep the system for many years, their three-year contract with saving you a decent amount of money, $275 per year.

3. 30-day, risk-free trial

Frointpoint also offers you first 30 days risk-free trial if you wish to return the system, you will get a full refund based on any reason you provide. You don’t even have to pay anything for return shipping.

4. GE equipment

Frontpoint uses standard GE control panels along with sensors which are recognized as few of the best, secure and reliable options that are present in the market.

5. Huge array of Sensors

Frontpoint provides all the basic window, door and motion sensors to detect intruders but also comes with less common glass-break sensors. Other devices like surveillance cameras, sensors for smoke, flood, carbon monoxide detection which are linked to the security system. The only thing that Frontpoint doesn’t have is medical alert monitoring.

6. Wireless along with cellular monitoring

Every Frontpoint’s plan is offered with cellular monitoring. This is quite secure than landline monitoring which can be disabled by cutting the phone line by thieves. Except the failure of cell towers present in your area, this system will always be capable of reporting any sort of emergencies to the monitoring center.

7. Various monitoring packages

In case you are interested in basic security monitoring system, you can easily get Protection Monitoring package for nominal $35 per month. It consists of all sensors and also transmits immediate alerts to the monitoring center if any of the sensors gets triggered.

Its $45 Interactive Monitoring Package allows you to remotely enable your system and also provides the ability to control the lights. It also sends email as well as text alerts making it sure that you are aware of your home’s situation if you are away.

The users who are interested in surveillance cameras and many advanced home automation features such as automated door locks and thermostats which can be chosen with $50 Ultimate Monitoring package.

8. 3-year warranty

In case your sensors or control panel gets broken within the first three years after the purchase of them, Frontpoint will provide you a new one without any new cost.

9. Crash and Smash protection

In a situation like if a thief tries to disable the alarm system by smashing the control panel, an immediate signal will be sent to the monitoring center.

10. Monitoring your system remotely

Frontpoint also comes with mobile apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows-enabled devices. You can keep track of security details along with viewing alerts, observe surveillance cameras and can even arm and disarm the system remotely. By choosing the right package according to your requirement which will allow you to automate your home settings remotely.


Just like different home security systems, Frontpoint comes with a significant amount of upfront cost. This system is often considered as one of the most flexible home security providers present in this industry. It has a good loyal customer base with great levels of satisfaction. Try this system, and if you are not comfortable with it, you can always have your refund.

With this, we end our review on Frontpoint home security system. Do mention your views in the comment section below.

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