iSmartAlarm Home Security System Review

Any home security system may not be able to prevent break-ins at your home, but it will surely provide you necessary information in case someone tries to enter or has already entered your home without any permission.

However, the cost of any full monitored system can be expensive which means that most of the homes are unprotected due to budget constraints. Here comes iSmartAlarm which costs at $349, an affordable home security system for those who wish to protect their home all by themselves.

This Do-It-Yourself system allows you to keep tabs on your home via the use of iOS or Android smart device. This great looking system is quite easy to install, operates flawlessly and comes with a lot of room for expansion as there are a lot of upgrades which comes with iSmartAlarm.

However, its camera doesn’t record any video, and there is no Web-based app which means that you cannot manage this system from your PC. But these issues have already been rectified, and it is quite a good home security system.


1. Design

The iSmartAlarm comes in two different sizes – $199 Preferred Package which consists of two door/window sensors along with one motion sensor, two remote tags with presence sensors and a system brain called as the CubeOne. The $349 Premium Package comes with all the above-mentioned package along with an iCamera.


It has glossy white and clear acrylic finish. There is a single LED indicator on top of the CubeOne which is white when the system is running normally and red if case the siren goes off. When you disarm the system, the flashing red becomes breathing white. It has an Ethernet port, USB port, a power jack along with the lights. CubeOne has a loud siren of 110dB along with an RF transmitter which communicated with the sensors.

Talking of the iCamera, it is weeble-shaped and is Wi-Fi enabled providing 350-degree viewing range along with pan and tilt capabilities which can be controlled by swiping the image on a smartphone. It measures 5 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide.  However, iCamera doesn’t offer any motion detection. The camera takes a snapshot in case the alarm is triggered and saves the image to your Android or iOS device. But it doesn’t record any sort of video or audio.

It also has 90-degree detection angle and comes with a wall mounting base. The remote tags pull double duty of a controller and a presence sensor. It also has four buttons for system states at Arm, Disarm, Home and Panic buttons. By pressing the Arm button, it enables all the devices. Disarm button disarm all the devices and silences the siren, Home button disarms motion sensor and the Panic button if pressed twice, sets off the siren.

2. Installing the System

The installation of the system is quite easy. Download the app and plug the CubeOne into the router using the cable that comes with it. Within 2 minutes, the LED light will go from red to slow flashing white. Now remove the insulation tags from motion and contact sensors. Create an account which requires a phone number for voice alerts along with a nickname and a password.

By pressing the Scan Device option on the app and the CubeOne was detected almost instantly. It detects all the five sensors immediately and will send a test call to your phone along with a message to add the iSmartAlarm phone number for future reference. The iCamera is also quite easy to install. Just connect it to your router using the Ethernet cable and power it on.

3. Performance of the System and App

The Control page of the app consists of same four buttons – Arm, Disarm, Home and Panic which also work the same way. The Monitor page shows the status of the system – Arm, Disarmed or Home along with the status of the devices as – Opened, Closed or Working. By tapping the device icon, you can see recent activities and also have the data related to arrival and departure times along with the date for every presence sensor. It also shows times and dates of motion along with door openings and closings.

The Camera page shows live video stream and also allows you to move the camera angle by swiping your finger. You can also take a snapshot and also assign a preset location.

The More page consists of all the different settings. You can set the default email address to send information and also assigns three phone numbers which will be called whenever the alarm is triggered. You can also change passwords, name all the linked devices and assign tags with photo IDs. It also has a Help Center with FAQs, troubleshooting and a guide of how to use each device.

The Alarm sound is quite high and can easily be heard if you are in the house. You can change the volume of the siren as per your requirement in case you have sensitive ears or a small apartment. The sensors and camera work seamlessly. Whenever iSmarAlarm sets off, you will receive a phone call with a recorded message of the set-off state of the alarm. It also sends a message and email whenever the system is set off.

The iCamera also provides good image quality in case of bright and low lighted environments. Its pan and tilt functions are quite slow. By adding motion detection and audio and video recording capabilities, the camera becomes an important part of the system.


The system is quite affordable. It is easy to install and can be expanded as per your requirement.


Its camera doesn’t record any video. Along with this, there is no Web app and no motion detection on camera.


Using the iSmartAlarm, you can fix a system for your home with a smartphone-enabled security system at very small cost.  However, this system won’t alert the police in case there is any break-in, but it will surely send you lot of notifications and dials up to the phone numbers to inform you about the breach. The app is well-designed and with a simple interface, it is quite user-friendly.

With easy-to-set-up system and detailed data related to entrance and departures, this system provides all round information about the status of your home. Just try this system and let go off all the worries related to possible break-ins. Don’t forget to mention your views and suggestions in the comment section below.

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