LiveWatch Review

LiveWatch is among those companies which are quite knowledgeable about your home security needs which are quite different from your neighbours security system and its protection plan along with equipment doesn’t fit for everyone.

LiveWatch provides an abundance of choices when it comes to customizing your home security system. With its flexibility and versatility, it allows you to select, a basic plan along with more sophisticated plans or you can even create your own unique system for safeguarding your home.


  1. Service & Support

This company comes with four home monitoring plans along with two equipment packages. This company not only allows you to customize your home security as it seems fit to you, but it also encourages you to take into account various add-on equipment which suits your requirements.

Its Mobile Pro monitoring plan along with its security devices from Plug and Protect Basic package remains to be the most affordable home security systems.

Its contract lasts for entire one year. However, unlike other home alarm systems, you are not bounded by it or into any costly legal agreement which can cost you a lot in case you dislike it.

In case you are not satisfied with the system, you can easily return the equipment within a year. You don’t have to pay any money if case you cancel it early, which means there isn’t any contract. You are welcome to use the service, pay for both monitoring and initial equipment and in case you doesn’t want it then you are released from any financial obligations you have to the company.


This company relies on the fact that you will be pleased with their system regarding house protection and you are willing to continue with their service.

The most important selling point of LiveWatch is its ASAPer service, which is essentially an alert feature which transmits interactive alerts to an entire list of contacts you create when you install the system. In case any alert is triggered then ASAPer contacts everyone mentioned in the list at the same time. It is quite better than other systems which contact people or agencies one by one unless and until the company receives a final answer. In the case of emergencies, this could lead to wastage of precious time.

With ASAPer features, ones any contact answers the system, LiveWatch works with that individual to find out whether or not the emergency services are required at your home.

Since this system is quite customizable, the home alerts that you receive are dependent on the security option that you pick. It sends mobile alerts to your Android, iPhone or Blackberry device.

With this system, you also get cellular-based systems along with optional internet connectivity. LiveWatch keeps tabs on your home, and its wireless services are quite capable with two-way voice intercom via the control panel. This device allows you to talk with the monitoring station representative via the panel, in case you can’t get to a phone. In case you trigger any sensor due to any mistake, you can inform the operator that there is no real threat at your home.

In case you select basic LiveWatch wireless security plan then you get a control panel along with two window and door sensors, two yard signs, six window decals along with a key fob. This also comes with a motion sensor.

You also receive alerts from any of the detection devices and sensors via an app on your smartphone or via the control panel. It also sends alerts in case you choose add-on equipment like sensors for carbon monoxide, gas leaks or frozen pipes.

LiveWatch is quite easy to install as all you have to do is plug in the system. Most of its equipment are wireless and are easy to set up. All you have to do is remove the wax paper from the device’s adhesive strip and then place it on the wall.

This service offers convenient support options. It comes with a knowledgebase and support via phone, live chat, and an online ticket system.

  1. Security Devices

After home security, this company provides convenient upgrades which make it easier to implement home automation along with interactive monitoring into your system.

You can also upgrade to automate the thermostat. You can also install sirens along with shock sensors and glass-break sensors to increase the effectiveness of your system.

Its glass-break sensor can detect breaking up of glass up to 30 feet away. To monitor any medical emergency, LiveWatch provides emergency key fobs and pendants. These remains to be useful features when it comes to home security system especially in case you have any member who lives along. It has panic button which sends alerts to its monitoring center to send any help which is required.

This system provides a great selection of six high-quality video surveillance cameras via which you can watch remote video feeds.

You can also select indoor fixed, a night-vision or remote-controlled pan-and-tilt camera. You can also choose dome camera, tinted camera too. In case you need outdoor surveillance then you can use its infrared camera which is able to record in color, and it switches to black and white in the night.


With this system, you are offered with great flexibility and various home security-equipment from which you can choose as per your requirement.


Its major drawback is that the equipment comes with a warranty of just two years which is quite short when compared to other members of the home security industry.


LiveWatch security system may not be a perfect fit for everyone. However, this company provides a great range of devices along with around-the-clock home monitoring which means that you can set up the best home security system as per your requirements.

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