Protect America – Review

When it comes to home security systems, Protect America is a great choice. Without any installation or activation charge along with free home security equipment, Protect America remains to be a great option in case you are searching for low upfront costs.

But in case, you want a complete suite of surveillance capabilities then you need to search elsewhere. 


1. Different Affordable Packages

This system provides five various standard home security packages which range from $19.99 to $42.99 per month. One should duly note that these prices are particularly for landline monitoring only and the broadband and cellular monitoring are little expensive. The major difference related to changes in the planes is based on the number of door and window sensors.

2. Transparent Pricing

To find the pricing information online in case of home security system, the task can be bit challenging. Not all of the companies are straightforward when it comes to proving. These organizations put more emphasis on the customer contacting their sales representatives even to get most basic information. In this case, Protect America is quite transparent when it comes to pricing as price related information can be viewed on the website and you can determine if their services are within your budget range.


3. Simple Equipment Transfer During Relocation

Most of the professionally installed home security systems generally include a wall-mounted keypad along with other equipment which becomes a fixture of the home. This can turn into a big problem in case you device to move your residence. This home security system that is installed in your home can be easily packed up and can be transferred to any new home.

4. Free Installation Or Activation

If you meet your credit requirements and duly sign a three-year contract, then Protect America provides home security equipment for free. This particular strategy is quite used by many home security providers, but few systems come with installation or activation fee. In this case, Protect America doesn’t charge any fee at all.

5. Free Lifetime Warranty

This home security system provides a lifetime warranty for free which also cover any home monitoring equipment as long as you remain its customer.

Any replacement part that is required is also shipped to the customer without any fee. In case any of your equipment malfunctions, you don’t have to worry about at all.

Even with all these features, there are few drawbacks of this security system. Some of them are mentioned below:

Outsourced Monitoring

Protect America doesn’t provide any type of internal home security monitoring, and it outsources the monitoring to Criticom, a third-party company. While selecting home security monitoring, the reliability of the monitoring remains to be a major factor.

Criticom does provide monitoring services for numerous home security dealers and is quite reliable and famous in this industry. However, these companies which offer internal monitoring are mostly responsible for complete home security experience and takes a holistic approach towards customer satisfaction. Along with this, in case any problem occurs, you may face difficulty as you have to contact two separate organizations.

Constrained Surveillance Options

Protect America provides a large variety of home security equipment, but when compared to other top home security providers, its surveillance options are quite limited. It offers a quality pan-and-tilt camera but in various cases, having a fixed camera is quite sufficient.

It also doesn’t offer any outdoor camera. In case you are looking for a home security system which also has diverse surveillance features, then Protect America won’t fit your requirement.

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