SkylinkNet Alarm System – Review

Skylink Technologies is a Canadian-based company which has been in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home automation business for over 25 years. Its newest home security solution, the SkylinkNet Alarm System Started Kit (SK-200) provides the homeowners to monitor their home via their smartphone, without spending a lot of money.

It is a basic kit that consists of a motion sensor and couple of window/door sensors. With cost at $149.99, it is an affordable way to secure your home. The users can add things like cameras, dimmer switches along with alarm sirens.

However, the products should be from Skylink as it doesn’t work with third-party devices. This kit is quite easy to install with its app being quite user-friendly but it fails to offer features like email and phone notifications or even event triggering.

Design and App

The kit comes with two door/window sensors along with a motion sensor, a keychain remote, and an Internet Hub. The hub measures 4 by 4 by 1.2 inches (HWD) and also has a five button keypad which allows the user to arm and disarm the system. It also consists of two LED indicators – stated Power and Wireless along with an Ethernet port and a power jack. The SK-200 utilizes a proprietary wireless protocol called as M-Code which ranges to 600-foot. The hub provides support to over 100 sensors and also uses four AAA batteries as its battery backup if the power goes out. Various add-on devices consist of water leak sensor, an outdoor siren, outdoor and indoor wireless cameras along with various dimmers and wall switches.


This system can be controlled by an Android app or iOS app. But it doesn’t have Web browser support for PC. The app comes with a simple UI with large icons for every connected device. Its home page shows each device and their status like if a door sensor is armed, then the icon for that particular sensor will turn red and will be displayed as an open door. By clicking the wheel in its device panel opens up a Settings page from which you can change the alarm settings. In Arm mode, the system is active, but the sensors are disabled. Arm Away activates all the sensors while Disarm disables every sensor.

You can also set up push notifications and also enable a chime whenever a sensor is activated or triggered.

Installation and Performance

When it comes to installation of this kit, simply connect the hub to your router by using Ethernet cable, download the app and then create an account. To start the app, a setup screen will appear to help you out through the initialization and naming process which will hardly take some time. If you want to add sensors, then you have to go to the System Settings, select Setup Wizzard and then select Add Device. Then you have to choose the device type and then name it and then tap on Learn Now. A video clip will be displayed which tells you how to enroll each device.

Its alarm works perfectly. The hub responds quite immediately whenever the door/window sensor or motion detector is triggered. You will receive the notifications on the app along with a built-in 110dB siren which is quite loud. Its event logging is quite accurate, and the remote keychain works without any hassle.


At $150, the SkylinkNet Alarm System Starter Kit (SK-200) allows you to monitor your home via your smartphone without paying for a monthly subscription. The system is quite easy to install, and its user-friendly app is quite easy to arm and disarm the system, viewing event logs, and monitor what is going on in your home. Its sensors are quite responsive along with panic alarm being quite loud.

This makes SkylinkNet Alarm System a perfect choice who have a limited budget and don’t wish to get entangled in expensive subscription plans. It provides all the necessary and basic monitoring of the home without any complicated procedure and process. With its installation quite easy, it also has easy to handle interface to keep tabs on your home. Its remote keychain provides you the much-needed flexibility along with a perfect interface to get aware of any new event that occurs in the home.

With this, we end out a review of this kit. Try this system and also mention your judgments and reviews in the comment section below.

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