Brinks Home Security: Intelligent Model Equipment & Expert Monitoring

brinks ehomesecuritysystems

Brinks Home combines the inexpensive do-it-yourself (DIY) intelligent home security model with the old-school pattern of bundling equipment and expert monitoring into a three-year contract. Brinks Home’s equipment is furnished by and is less expensive and less fully-featured than that suggested by Vivint and ADT, its primary competitors.

The Brinks Home beginner kit costs $199 for the necessary equipment selection plus $39 a month for home security and automation. The arrangement can be self-installed, or Brinks Home will fix it for you for an extra cost.

Best for:

  • People looking for a large selection of home security devices with integrated home automation options.
  • Consumers want a company with established monitoring centres with extensive customer support.

Not Recommended for:

  • Customers who don’t want to be secured into a contract
  • Those who wish the most sophisticated equipment available

Professional reviewers also recommend Brinks for incorporating both cellular backup and professional monitoring in its programs. Those plans are comparatively costly, though, and a three-year contract is needed.

Products and Plans Offered

Brinks Home comes in three packs. Smart Security Essential is the core package for $199 and appears with a Qolsys IQ touchscreen control panel, a yard sign, a wireless motion sensor, two wireless door sensors, and stickers. The Smart Security Ultimate package covers everything in the first two packages. It attaches a Brinks Home outdoor camera, an extra door sensor, with professional installation for a total of $699, including a $49.99 per month monitoring layout.

The Qolsys IQ touchscreen unit is the standard control panel. It primarily uses Wi-Fi and a 4G LTE cellular radio, battery backup, a built-in camera, Bluetooth, and a Z-Wave radio to communicate with innovative home products like thermostats and door locks. The panel must be plugged in through wall-mounted or installed on a table.


You can arm or disarm the system employing the touchscreen control panel or the mobile app. furnishes integration with Amazon Echo and Google Home. If the alarm goes off, the monitoring centre will call the emergency contacts. You will get notifications via the mobile app. All the references will be immediately contacted via voice, text, or email, thanks to the Brinks ASAPer service.

The Brinks system allows two-way audio with the monitoring centre straight through the control panel. As a result, the walkie-talkie system can be further quick and direct than handling a phone. As a result, it helps in circumventing false alarms resulting in an unnecessary visit by the police. In addition, Brinks is automatically implemented with geofencing, which is a “location-based control” to perform functions like receiving reminders to turn on your alarm when you leave home.


A Brinks Home Security system is created for DIY installation. All the sensors appear pre-paired to the control panel, with each sensor labelled and the system already tested. The facility will take less than 20 minutes, and you can choose to mount the sensors with tools, skin and stick. A Brinks technician ensures everything is working.

There’s also the possibility of going through a Brinks dealer rather than buying the kit online. In this case, a dealer will furnish an estimate before the buying decision. Then, a technician comes to the location, fixes and inspects the equipment and gives a brief demonstration. Authorized dealers might also offer various packages and costs.

You have to register for a three-year monitoring agreement. The contract usually grows month-to-month with the end of the term. 

Buying Brinks Home Security System

To purchase a Brinks Home Security System:

  • Buy any of three packages of home security equipment.
  • Add different devices if you want.
  • Monitoring assistance can be appended automatically, with the price depending on the selected package.

Brinks Home Security System Price

Brinks home security equipment sets range from $199 to $699, and monitoring projects range from $39 to $49.99 a month, depending on the kit you pick. You can customize combinations with extra equipment if you wish. A three-year monitoring contract is needed.

Brinks Home Security Monitored

The Brinks’ touchscreen dashboard panel attaches to the monitoring centre and mobile apps over Wi-Fi and an LTE cellular link. The Wi-Fi connection is the original method, with cellular getting over if necessary.

Brinks Home Security’s Warranty

Brinks warranties all equipment for two years.

Text And Email Notifications

It can be configured to transmit text or email notifications and app-based messages for just about any alarm or non-alarm security event from sensor activity to low-battery status.

Setting Off the Alarm

Motion sensors are composed to pluck heat signatures only from individuals. Brinks says that only pets bigger than 40 pounds are competent in triggering motion sensors. The responsiveness of Brinks motion sensors is flexible.

Support Distress Code or Emergency Duress

The Brinks dashboard can be set up with a dress code to disarm the system. It permits the monitoring centre to identify a difficulty. A dress code is usually applied to disarm the alarm.

Offers Panic Button

The control panel has a noticeable “+” emergency key for promptly reporting to the monitoring station. The arbitrary $29 keychain remote also has a fear feature.