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Cox home security competes with similar services from DIRECTV (LifeShield) and Comcast (Xfinity). In addition, Cox Homelife allows clients the advantage of having just one invoice for home internet, television and security. 

  • Wireless Equipment: The Homelife devices are wireless. There is also available cellular and battery backup for added protection.
  • Disaster Protection: You can add various disaster protection devices to the system, including a smoke detector, glass break sensor, carbon monoxide detector, water flood sensor, etc. If you possess these devices, Homelife will professionally control them with the buying of a service plan.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: You receive professional security monitoring 24/7. The plans incorporate monitoring for environmental safety if you purchase compatible safety smoke, fire detectors, and other equipment.
  • DIY Installation: The Cox Homelife Security professional installer will determine the best place to install each element of your system.
  • Mobile Alerts: Each plan from Homelife incorporates up-to-the-minute email and text signals.
  • Power Outage Protection: You are protected in the event of a power or internet outage thanks to a backup battery and cellular network. It means that your system will never go offline. In addition, you will still have a security screen even if your internet connection goes misplaced.
  • Surveillance Cameras: Starter Kit with the Preferred Package incorporates live video monitoring with an HD camera which can be observed remotely. You can reach live video 24 hours a day through the mobile app. you can record ten days of video with a continuous video recording subscription.
  • Smart Home Options: Cox Homelife can be customized to provide a diversity of innovative home solutions. You can run lights remotely, establish up practices to automate lock and unlock doors remotely lighting and control the thermostat from anywhere. Intelligent home control is possible as well. You can utilize a web browser or a mobile app to maintain your home from a range.
  • Remote Control: A keychain remote control is available as an add-on option.

Smart Home Automation

This package provides homeowners to strengthen their own smart home and monitor their house from anywhere. Motion sensors and security cameras send notifications to the Cox Homelife mobile app, implementing real-time alerts. The app enables users to control lighting, inspect a live video feed, engage the control temperature, intelligent lock, and control other devices plugged into the innovative outlet. Here’s what’s involved in a Smart Home kit:

  • Smart LED Bulb
  • HD Video Security Camera 
  • Motion sensor
  • Door/window sensor 
  • Smart door lock, Innovative outlet
  • Intelligent thermostat

Smart Home Automation kit starts at $29.99 each month, plus primary equipment charges. In addition, one-time supplementary costs, activation fees, and monthly equipment expenses may apply. Pricing excludes charges for existing Cox assistance. 

Smart Home Automation and Monitored Security

This package incorporates all the equipment and compliance of managing the smart home with 24/7 monitored security. This plan involves additional automated security devices which the Homelife Control Panel can control. Plan pricing begins at $54.99 each month, including initial equipment charges, and excludes costs for existing Cox services. Added one-time charges, activation fees, and monthly equipment fees might apply. Package includes:

  • All innovative home features, Homelife Control Panel and 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Smoke and heat detector, Wireless keypad, and carbon monoxide sensor
  • Glass break sensor, leak/flood sensor, and security signs


Cox Homelife gives a sound, straightforward security system with various options to bundle and customize if you reside in a state with Cox service. However, many customers are troubled with its equipment prices.

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