Home Security Companies: Best of 2021

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Alarm systems —especially if an incorrectly placed door sensor, motion sensor, or security camera could lead to false alarms, or more serious, an intruder. Both guard your home just accurate, but wireless systems have more versatility if you move or don’t need to put dents in walls.

1. Vivint

Vivint is recognized for its home automation technology, but Vivint’s new innovative home security features have us excited. Vivint is multiplying down on intelligent home security, emphasizing intelligent home features and state-of-the-art security tech. Plus, Vivint recently told us that you could put $0 down with consumer funding. That gives this high-end security system a more approachable way to more people. Marrying smart AI tech and high-end security devices drives Vivint beyond the average home security system to tackle today’s most constraining security concerns. Vivint aims to prevent would-be porch criminals and other home marauders before they reach your front door—and that’s taking home security to the next level.

Vivint addresses luxury home security with all the full-service provider you expect—professional installation, in-home home security consultations, and 24/7 professional monitoring. But like any luxury item, it appears with a luxury price tag. Vivint allows multiple ways to get a system up and preserving your home. You can buy stuff outright and avoid a contract or finance your devices over 42 to 60 months. Vivint’s new outdoor security cam and refreshed video doorbell are created to deter package thieves, and other bad actors bent on things like bursting into your car or swiping a bike left on the front lawn. Vivint gets more but is stepping up its home security tech and innovations. High-end equipment paired with advanced intelligent home perks gives Vivint the best full-service security system available—complete with pro installation and 24/7 monitoring.


  • Advanced security tech and equipment
  • One mobile app for everything
  • Smart Deter lurker detection
  • Many contract options
  • Customizable smart security packages
  • Free in-home security consultation


  • Higher overall cost
  • Steep termination fees
  • No DIY option

2. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe does home security on its terms. That means ditching some things that turn customers off about security companies: brash salespeople and lengthy contracts. With SimpliSafe, you get to keep the equipment and monitoring level you need. In addition, it extends no-pressure online shopping and gives professional monitoring service on demand.

SimpliSafe gear is modern, svelte, and easy to set up. Plus, it’s a breeze to reconfigure your system or transfer it into a modern house or apartment. SimpliSafe is also budget-friendly. If you’re willing to try out home security but aren’t sure you want to take the full plunge, SimpliSafe is an excellent way to test the waters. SimpliSafe’s name says it all. Its security systems are straightforward—and so is its cost. SimpliSafe has some of the lowest monthly monitoring fees possible, and you can begin or stop it whenever you want to.


  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • No contracts
  • Affordable monthly monitoring
  • Great opportunities for renters
  • Customizable plans and equipment


  • Higher up-front costs
  • Limited outdoor camera options
  • Basic smart home compatibility

3. Frontpoint

Frontpoint gives all the home security bells and sirens of full-service professionally installed systems but puts all the control with installation in your hands. In addition, the front point provides all the perks you want from home security: indoor and outdoor security cameras, smart home integration, mobile app control, and 24/7 pro monitoring. With a single monitoring system to choose from, Frontpoint delivers easy to find equipment that works for your home and family. Frontpoint gives just about every element you could need in a security system. And it encompasses everything in its entry-level plans, like CO and smoke detector monitoring.

You’ll spend a little bit more for Frontpoint, but it’s at the height of its kind for full-service DIY home security. Frontpoint’s exceptional security system options set it apart from other more straightforward DIY options. Best of all, there are no obligations, and you have comprehensive control over when, where, and how your security system is established.


  • Easy DIY installation
  • No contracts for monitoring
  • Risk-free 30-day trial
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Free mobile app


  • Higher monitoring fees
  • No pro installation options

4. ADT

ADT addresses expert security consultations and pro installation. Plus, it has the most monitoring centres and more profound experience than any other home security company. What holds out is ADT’s nine professional monitoring centres—that’s more than any other security company. That figure means your pro monitoring never goes offline, even if a monitoring centre suffers a power outage or natural disaster like a typhoon.

If one monitoring station runs down, your home’s protection is instantly transported to another centre. That’s 24/7 safety that you can rely on, even when Mother Nature does her most disagreeable thing. In addition, ADT is known to allow deals that help cut down on equipment costs, making the overall expense for a 36-month contract a lot more comfortable to swallow. So if you’ll sleep better comprehending that a well-known, tried-and-true security company is watching over your home, ADT is worth the money.

ADT is the most seasoned security monitoring company in the country. If you can view past higher monitoring fees and long contracts, its years of expertise combined with the most monitoring centres in the land remit fast response times and reassurance when it involves most.


  • Nine redundant monitoring centres
  • 140+ years of experience
  • Fast response times
  • Free whole-home risk assessment
  • Outstanding customer guarantees


  • Long contracts with no trial period
  • High termination fees
  • Higher monitoring fees

5. Blue by ADT

Blue by ADT is the latest announcement by security leader ADT. Unlike traditional ADT contributions, you can get Blue without an in-home visit or a long-term contract. The system launches ADT into the 2020s with intelligent cameras, optional self-monitoring, a complimentary mobile app, and reasonable pricing. Our only real criticisms are bulky equipment and a glitchy app.

If you like the reassurance of a title like ADT but don’t need the trouble of a three-year contract, this is the flexible option you’ve been anticipating for. Blue by ADT is a delightful addition to the DIY home security landscape. We particularly like that you can choose 24/7 monitoring by ADT’s monitoring centres or observe it yourself through the app.


  • No contracts
  • Affordable monthly monitoring
  • Many pieces of equipment and camera options
  • Mobile app in all packages


  • Glitchy mobile app
  • Bulky equipment
  • Expensive smart security camera

6. Abode

Abode is the only security model on the list that works with Amazon Alexa, Z-Wave, Google Assistant†, Apple HomeKit, and Zigbee. Abode can guard your home with its more established Smart Security Kit or its sleek all-in-one Abode Iota security hub. Abode appends smarts to your home security setup with voice control through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit. It’s one of the only security operations out there that cater to Apple devotees.

Abode is one of the only arrangements out there that genuinely lets you monitor your home’s protection yourself, but we think pro monitoring is the most secure choice. That’s why it is recommended to upgrade to Abode’s Pro plan that provides 24/7 professional monitoring. Abode is an intelligent choice if you want to max out your home automation options. On the head of voice control, you can add bright lighting, smart locks, smart speakers, and smart smoke and CO detectors to your Abode. It’s perfect for a smaller home or residence. All packages come with easy mobile app access, and you can arrange self-monitoring or pay the pros to guard over your home.


  • Advanced smart home compatibility
  • Simple, quick setup
  • Ideal size for apartments or dorms


  • Up-front equipment costs
  • Limited function for bigger houses

7. Cove

Cove addresses the basics at a price you can manage—and its flexible policies put customers first. On top of allowing affordable monthly monitoring prices, you can get without a contract. Unlike other security organizations that charge between 75% to 100% of your remaining warranty, Cove sets you free without punishing penalties and fees. In addition, Cove advances it painless to cancel if you decide the system isn’t for you. 

The Cove Plus monitoring plan allows you to control your security system with the mobile app, including video monitoring and intelligent device integration. In addition, you can purchase Ring’s five-piece security kit and append monthly monitoring for a year for best around $300—that’s more affordable than purchase only equipment with most other DIY security companies. Plus, you also receive a lifetime extended warranty. Cove may be the new child on the block, but it’s got what customers want from DIY home security, and this security company strives to please. We’re inspired by its customer-first practices and look forward to understanding how Cove smart security grows.

Keep in understanding that this is no-frills home security, but if all you’re watching for is intrusion detection, Ring Alarm will furnish you with a substantial start. That said, it does give a reliable, basic home warranty that will detect motion, sense if a door or window is opened, and sound an alarm. In addition, ring Alarm is a bare-bones home security system that delivers protection at an affordable price. Of course, if you want to add extras like cameras or security lighting, the up-front equipment price gets steeper—but the $10 a month Ring Protect Plus monitoring fee is hard to beat.


  • Three equipment packages below $350
  • Monthly monitoring for $10/mo.
  • Two months free if you return for a year of monitoring upfront
  • Operates with Ring video doorbells and cameras


  • No cameras incorporated with Ring Alarm security kit
  • Up-front equipment cost

8. Link Interactive

Link Interactive works above and beyond when it grows to security equipment and sensors. You can shield everything from the front door to your backyard grill. Link Interactive accommodates up to 48 sensors in its introductory package, including smoke and CO alarms, unlike most other home security firms. Link Interactive also gives extra sensors that several security companies don’t. We like the cafeteria guard that shields little fingers from getting throbbed on the stove or the backyard barbecue and the gun lock that has both a tilt sensor and a three-digit barrier to help block accidental discharge.

Link Interactive also makes home automation available in its lower-tier monitoring systems at the peak of its dizzying array of sensors. Link Interactive gives basic packages that are anything but essential, which means you can end up with more security for your capital. We also love that Link Interactive aims to guard your whole home—not just your front door.


  • Up to 48 door and window sensors in the basic package
  • Extra sensors for everything from your oven to firearms
  • Contracts as low as 12 months


  • High termination fees
  • Contract required
  • Link Interactive delivers sensors for nearly everything

9. Brinks

Brinks allows only one professional monitoring program and three equipment aggregates. So you don’t have to trouble getting confused or frustrated about all the choices—and that can make it simpler to pick the right system for your home. Its pricing is also honest, so you won’t have any nasty surprises when the bill arrives. Brinks’s security system packages vary from $200 to approximately $1,100 and include everything from primary window and door sensors to smart doorbells and outdoor security cameras.

The Smart Security, Complete equipment package operates with Brinks’s Smart Security pro monitoring plan. Still, it kicks it up a groove with a night vision indoor camera and an extra motion sensor. In addition, Brinks offers easy home security options and straightforward pricing. Plus, the company’s money-back guarantee performs Brinks a solid choice for the commitment-averse that need to try out a home security system before leasing a lengthy contract.


  • Fast response times
  • Mobile app included in every package
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Required contracts
  • High cancellation fees