Smart Home Devices: Connect and Work Well, Easy-to-Use

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Smart home devices are more impressive and all-encompassing than ever. Using smart home devices isn’t limited to asking Alexa to tell you the weather or play a song.

Today, primarily sound intelligent home devices are powered by state-of-the-art technology and offer a long list of third-party integration possibilities. Smart home devices can grill chicken at your next family barbecue, turn the lights off in the living room while you’re watching a movie, or vacuum your floors.

If your devices all attach well together, work well, and are easy to use, your intelligent home activities will run much more smoothly. First, let’s review major smart home devices.

1. Amazon Alexa: Alexa is unquestionably one of the most comprehensive intelligent home ecosystems possible today. At the same time, you have likely heard of using Alexa in Eco-speaker form. However, you might not know that Alexa is now built into plenty of other innovative products, including thermostats and TVs. Alexa addresses every aspect of your smart home easy to access and control. Ultimately, Alexa can integrate and speak to most other smart devices and apps.

2. Google Assistant: If there’s any actual runner-up to Alexa, it’s Google Assistant. Even though Google Assistant has fewer third-party integrations, it can often answer questions and complete commands Alexa can’t, thanks to Google’s significant ownership of the search engine space. Assistant can also integrate with most major brands, including Philips, Belkin, August, Nest, and popular apps such as Spotify and Uber.

3. Wink Hub: Wink Hub is praised as the “first smart home hub designed for the mainstream consumer.” Wink Hub 2 supports innovative home protocols including Bluetooth LE, Kidde, Lutron ClearConnect, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and more. So if you’re attending to create a thoroughly integrated smart home with kitchen and wall devices in sync, this might be your best option. You can even download the Wink Hub app and control commands, like light switches or garage doors, from your mobile on the go.

4. Samsung SmartThings Hub: Users with the intelligent system get a SmartThings Hub wall mount and can get full access to the smart devices connected to the hub through the SmartThings IOS or Android app. Samsung’s SmartThings Hub has been growing its smart-device offerings for the past few years. Through the SmartThings Hub, you can set compatible smart devices to do various actions like turning on or off when you walk in or out of a room. 

5. Google Nest Hub Family: The big Google Home Max offers truly room-filling sound, while the Google Nest Hub Max is an attractive, bright, brilliant display that puts Google’s assistance front and center. The more modest Nest Mini, Nest Audio, and Nest Hub are also solid, more affordable choices for putting Google Assistant in every place of the house.

6. Sonos One: The Sonos One recommends both popular voice assistants and sound-wise, its head and shoulders over other smart speakers in its price range. It also attaches other Sonos speakers like the Arc, Beam, and Move to achieve superior sound quality and voice assistant access entirely to your home (and backyard). 

7. ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2: If you’re scanning for adding some smart and small home appliances like coffee makers, lamps, and TVs, the ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2 is an outstanding choice. This clever dual-outlet smart plug can be regulated with an Android or iOS mobile app and works with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri voice commands. 

8. Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug: Outdoor smart plugs are perfect for turning devices like pool pumps and patio lights into smart home devices that you want to control with your smartphone. You can control two devices separately using your phone or through Alexa and Google voice commands. It’s effortless to install and will communicate with other intelligent devices.

Final Thoughts

Smart home devices can heighten your productivity and make life more comfortable. Plus, the technology is becoming less costly. A few purchases can get your home to become a smart home.