Smoke and CO Detectors: Best for Newer or Remodeled Homes

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Battery-powered Smoke and CO detectors can be placed anywhere and run on replaceable batteries (usually 9-volt or AA) or sealed lithium batteries. Hardwired detectors need appropriate wiring for power that’s typically observed only in newer or refurbished homes. Plug-in detectors get a continuous flow of power from a terminal.

Most smoke and carbon monoxide detectors resemble each other, so you might think they are the same. Not exactly. To ascertain the model you need, discard the sensors in your home from their mounts. If wires are attached to them that run into the wall or ceiling, you require hardwired detectors. If there are no cables, then you need battery-powered detectors.

Let’s start checking the features of some of the best Smoke and CO Detectors.

1. First Alert 3120B

  • A dual-sensor smoke detector
  • It has a photoelectric sensor for detecting smoky fires
  • It has an ionization sensor for detecting flames
  • Hardwired with a battery backup
  • A good competitor for newer or remodeled homes having wiring for detectors
  • A hush button to silence nuisance alarms
  • It can be interconnected with additional sensors to alert you to danger
  • Works in different room or floor

2. Kidde PI2010

  • Hardwired
  • Dual-sensor alarm
  • Battery backup
  • Hush button
  • Ability to interconnect with other compatible detectors

3. First Alert SA320CN

  • Best battery-powered
  • Dual-sensor detectors
  • Passes flaming fire and smoldering fire tests
  • Hush button
  • It runs on two AA batteries
  • Can’t interconnect with other alarms in the event of a fire

4. Kidde PI9010

  • Good choice for a battery-powered detector
  • Top-notch detector
  • Passes tests for flaming fires and smoldering fires
  • Hush button
  • It runs on a single 9-volt battery
  • Can’t interconnect with other detectors

5. Kidde Silhouette KN-COPF-1

  • Hardwired stand-alone
  • Performs very well
  • Best on high and low co level tests
  • Excellent rating for the accuracy of CO level display
  • Able to log the highest co levels it detects
  • Good for checking problems when are away from home for an extended period
  • Battery backup
  • Able to interconnect with other compatible alarms

6. First Alert CO615

  • Plug-in CO detectors
  • Battery-powered brethren
  • Potent scorer for detecting high and low CO levels quickly
  • Very Good grade for the correctness of its CO level display
  • Battery backup and peak memory

7. First Alert CO410

  • Battery-powered
  • Stand-alone co detector
  • Passes test for detecting low co levels
  • Best at reading accurate co readings and display them
  • Performs very well
  • Peak memory to log the highest co reading
  • Easy to check a problem while users are away from home

8. Universal Security Instruments MIC3510SB

  • Has combination detectors
  • Photoelectric and ionization sensors
  • Best for smoldering and flaming fires
  • Has CO sensor
  • Perform well across all smoke and CO detection
  • It runs on a sealed, 10-year battery
  • Hush button
  • Can’t interconnect with other detectors

9. First Alert SC7010B

  • Hardwired combination detector
  • Performs well in co and smoldering fire detection
  • Received poor rating in flaming fires test
  • Battery-powered ionization smoke detector
  • Hush button
  • Battery backup
  • Ability to interconnect with other compatible alarms

10. First Alert Smart ZCOMBO-G 

  • Sends smartphone alerts while the user is away from home
  • Battery-powered detector
  • Performs very well
  • The flaming fires test has a poor rating.
  • Hush button
  • It runs on two AA batteries
  • Can interconnect with other compatible detectors
  • It needs a wireless network called Z-Wave, not wifi
  • It needs a third-party smart home hub to attach to the internet and smartphone
  • Compatible hubs consolidate Samsung SmartThings, Ring Alarm, and Nexia Home Intelligence

11. First Alert Onelink Smart 1042135

  • Connects directly to wifi
  • Lacks an ionization sensor
  • Battery-powered as well as hardwired versions
  • Can interconnect with other compatible detectors
  • Operates with Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit / Siri for voice control

12. Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide

  • Wifi-enabled combination smoke/CO detector
  • Receives strong scores for low CO levels and smoldering fires
  • Receives a Good rating for detecting high CO levels
  • Falls short in our flaming fires scores
  • Available in both battery-powered and hardwired versions
  • Can interconnect with additional Nest Protects