Vivint Home Security System Review

Vivint Home Security ehomesecuritysystem

Vivint Smart Home Security is a complete-featured, professionally fitted wireless home security system. Vivint’s home security equipment seamlessly blends both its innovative home products and those from preferred third parties. If you’re engrossed in automating your home as well as guarding it, Vivint is an excellent choice. 

Vivint Components

  • Complete selection of wireless security sensors
  • Controlled by a 7-inch, wired, touch-screen hub 
  • Hub attaches via ethernet and LTE cellular
  • Has speaker and microphone, an alarm
  • Battery backup for 24 hours 
  • Purchase outdoor, indoor, and doorbell cameras 
  • The intelligent drive gives video recording 24/7 footage 

Vivint sells a security device for a car. A car Guard is a device that operates on a cellular network. It plugs into your car scars OBD port, where it can track your location, receive disturbance alerts, and sync with your security system. 

Vivint’s security cameras are some of the best you can buy, and their integration with the Vivint security system gives them some excellent features that not only record crime but could help prevent it. 

The Camera can also identify animals, vehicles, packages, people, and noises. The wired Video Doorbell Camera holds a 180-degree range of view and a 1:1 aspect ratio, which generally provide you with a comprehensive and tall appearance at your front door. 

Best for:

  • Those attending for a professionally installed system with high-end equipment
  • Customers who need a feature-rich system with one app to control both smart home and security devices
  • People who crave professional installation and monitoring but don’t need to be clasped into a contract

Not Recommended for:

  • People on a fixed budget, as Vivint’s systems are comparatively expensive
  • Those who don’t want to spend on home automation synthesis

Vivint Plans and Costs

The Vivint Starter Kit is $599 and covers the Vivint Smart Hub, one motion sensor, two-door and window sensors, one leak sensor, and $100 toward additional sensors. Supplementary devices range in price from $50 to $399. Representative costs for Vivint equipment include the following:

  • Water sensor: $50
  • Indoor Camera: $199
  • Doorbell Camera Pro: $129
  • Smoke detector: $100
  • Motion sensor: $100
  • Carbon monoxide detector: $100
  • Glass-break sensor: $100
  • Smart Drive: $249
  • Thermostat: $169
  • Outdoor Camera Pro: $399
  • Car Guard: $200 

It would be fine if you had a professional monitoring program with Vivint systems. 

  • Systems cost $29.99 a month and up
  • Finance equipment for 42 or 60 months
  • Monitoring can be paid for month-to-month

Vivint’s technicians, which it calls “Smart Home Pros,” provide a free, in-home consultation and also install and configure your system and devices, making sure everything has robust Wi-Fi connectivity and works together to manage your home.

Vivint has pet resistant motion sensors that can be programmed to overlook pets up to 80lbs. You can also install motion sensors strategically to withdraw your pet’s daily routes.

The Vivint Smart Hub can trigger a panic alert, a key fob, the Vivint app, or a panic pendant. The panic alarm can be employed in medical crises. Trigger a medical alarm through the Vivint medical pendant or by touching the ”+” button on your control panel. Once the panic alert is triggered, a monitoring agent will try to approach you through the board.

Vivint smart links communicate wirelessly with your control panel, providing you to lock and unlock your doors with the Vivint app remotely. It supports notifications when someone invades your home and disarm your system when you insert the code on the door’s keypad.


  • Professional installation with high-end equipment
  • Feature-rich system that will satisfy most people’s requirements
  • One app that handles both smart home and security devices
  • No long-term contract
  • Expanded customization possible


  • Comparatively expensive compared to competitors
  • It covers home automation integration, which not everyone wants
  • Mixed reviews for customer service
  • Supports a limited number of third-party intelligent home devices
  • Professional monitoring needed for remote access and usage of the mobile app

Vivint allows two thermostats. The Vivint Thermostat can be entirely controlled by the mobile app and is fit with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands. The thermostat can utilize the location of your smartphone and the home’s sensors to understand when the house is empty and adjust its settings to conserve energy. If you prefer, Vivint also offers the Nest Learning Thermostat. 


It doesn’t offer a do-it-yourself installation option. Instead, a professional will arrive at your house and design and establish a system for you. This in-home discussion with an expert security advisor is free and will result in a specially tailored approach to your requirements.